Meet Zeeshan

Experience & Accomplishments

Zeeshan Isaac is a family man. Zeeshan is a proud father of a teenage boy and a husband to a remarkable wife of over 20 years. Zeeshan has a bachelor of business administration degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Houston and post graduate degree of Master of Business Administration in E-Business from University of Phoenix.

Zeeshan has over two decades of leadership experience as an innovative thought leader to companies such as American Express, Aon Hewitt, Honeywell and KBR. He has managed $250 million dollar budget.

Zeeshan has always been a passionate advocate for people’s rights and issues. He has always been a people’s voice. Zeeshan has been a broadcaster for over 20 years and involved with running radio, tv and social media programs for people of South Asian descent (Bangladeshis, Indians, Pakistanis and others).

Zeeshan is a humanitarian and has participated in numerous charities and galas. He has volunteered in organizations / programs like Habitat for Humanity, Junior Achievement and donated to many organizations regardless of faith, religion, color, caste or sect. He has donated to countless charities for example, American Red Cross, Helping Hand for Humanity, Goodwill, Islamic Relief USA and others.


"Strong, Proud & Safe again! I will serve all the residents in Fort Bend County to fight for your right to a better life."

My Agenda

We all know that we have to hold our police officers and community members accountable. Zeeshan cares for all citizens and residents. I applaud the commissioner in getting the body cams for our law enforcement officers in Precinct 3 but the responsible thing to do would have been to utilize federal and state funding instead of CAD (Central Appraisal District) funds. We could have utilized money from CAD toward improving our infrastructure and improving roads and parks.

Prepare for an emergency or catastrophe. Emergency Management for Precinct 3 and Fort Bendy County is critical. We have seen disasters like Hurricane Harvey and recent winter storm therefore, we need to be prepared. Zeeshan will ensure emergency preparedness is done in advance in Precinct 3 and swift response at the time of need for citizens and residents is a sacred duty of a Commissioner. I will make this a priority so we are not reactive but proactive.

Commissioners should always be easily accessible to the public and respond to community needs of the Sheriff or Constable and their respective departments. Incumbent is not easily accessible to the public and responding to the community needs, Sheriff’s or Constable’s needs. Zeeshan will always be easily accessible to the public, Sheriff, Constable and all departments of Fort Bend County including local, state and federal level.

Improve infrastructure of Precinct 3. Precinct 3 Annex Building is old and recently the ceiling collapsed. They don’t have a generator and operated without one during the winter freeze. Zeeshan will not only improve the infrastructure but meet the needs of Precinct 3 including Justice of the Peace (JP) and JP Court Pct 3 needs.

Zeeshan will put Fort Bend County first. He will ensure Fort Bend companies and small businesses are getting an opportunity in the bidding process in Fort Bend. The Commissioner’s office can take the lead in educating, engaging and empowering people, businesses and local small businesses.

Zeeshan will introduce and use the latest technology to serve citizens and residents of Precinct 3. He has been blessed to have a very successful and rewarding career in Corporate America. Zeeshan has also been a successful business owner as an entrepreneur. In this covid era, use of proper technology with proper privacy and security will improve our quality of life. Zeeshan will bring innovation, solution and ideas to make Precinct 3 and Fort Bend an exemplary and model County for our nation.

Why Precinct 3 does not have enough bike lanes. Is that something our citizens and residents need? I see this an opportunity for drivers and bicycle riders to share our roads safely. Zeeshan will look into this opportunity and prepare a feasibility study which will be shared with the citizens and residents of Precinct 3 and Fort Bend.

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Zeeshan's Platform is Strong, Proud and Safe!