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He believes in open and transparent local government by the people for the betterment of everyone in the county.

Operational excellence

Bring in operational excellence in everything the Commissioner does. From approving expenditures, budgets, setting appropriate tax rates with other commissioners of the court, improving roads, parks and  bridges in Precinct 3, emergency preparedness and management, effective drainage systems, efficient contracts with government entities and the private sector.



Public trust is always achieved by providing transparency. Voters and residents of Precinct 3 will find transparency as a cornerstone in each and every transaction in doing business when engaging with the Commissioner’s office. Zeeshan is committed to serving Precinct 3’s residents with dedication and devotion.



Integrity is doing the right thing when nobody’s watching. It also means keeping your commitments i.e., keeping your word and delivering on your promises. Integrity is built by mutual respect, honesty, truthfulness, responsibility and trust combined with authenticity and sincerity. Fort Bend County Commissioner’s office will execute with integrity under Zeeshan’s thoughtful leadership.

I Am Fighting To Get You A Better Life & Improving Quality of Life.

Champion for People’s Rights, Providing Innovative Thought Leadership & Making Precinct 3 and Fort Bend a model county for the nation.

Zeeshan steps up to ask for the honor of representing Precinct 3 of Fort Bend County, announcing his candidacy for Commissioner Pct 3. We look forward to winning this race with you on our team. Together we will make history and make this happen.


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Zeeshan Platform is Strong, Proud and Safe!

The Commissioner's office under the guidance of Zeeshan Isaac will provide governance & policy making, proactive emergency management, budget & strategic planning, engaging opportunities and working hard every day to lower taxes in Precinct 3.